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Immerse yourself in the pure, cleansing light which will assist in guiding you inward to Source, illuminating the Divine Blueprint on your journey. The Crystal light bath uses Vogel Crystal technology, and has offered a myriad of direct experiences with Spirit. Many describe the light bath as helping to connect to Spirit in a tangible way, one, in which the inner reality and connection to the Soul is felt directly. It does this by increasing your receptivity to the unseen while relaxing the body and mind.


Wherever you are on your journey of ascension, it will take you to new depths with its gentle and yet profound healing frequency, while illuminating the deeper layers of your sub conscious. Prepare for an epically beautiful journey towards your light, meet your guides, connect to your inner-being/Higher Self, heal unconscious patterns and traumas that were previously hidden from you.


An all around deeply illuminating experience, where you can take the wheel and work with your inner most self to heal and transcend.

Crystal Alchemy Light Bath

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