Sacred Vibrations

About Danielle Grace:

Danielle is a Spiritual Catalyst. Enlightening the most recent part of you. The part that is closest to light yet strives to get ever closer.

She will tune in to your energies, meet you there and transmute all that was into a new and higher place.

Passionate to inspire you live and look inside.  You will exit her sessions with a profound commitment to continue deeper into your spiritual path.

Danielle consults with individuals internationally as a channel and energy healer. She “feels” what her clients feel and where blocks and stagnant energy reside. A reading with her is, in many ways, a conversation with Danielle and her guides. Danielle has the unique ability to tune-in to the energy surrounding the individual to heal, restore, and realign the energies while providing guidance forward on the path.



Full Spread/Live Reading

Full Spread/live reading: These one-on-one live intuitive-guidance sessions will give you a space to ask as many questions that you'd like during our time together! We can also look deeply into a certain situation in your life. My reading style is energetic in nature and includes channeling from Spirit with oracle cards. These sessions can also include mediumship if a passed loved one chooses to join us during the session. Sessions also include energy work throughout.



Thank you for helping me transform and embrace me; past, present, and future!

I am so grateful for Danielle and her drive to heal others.  You are a divine light source, a fervently driven soul which is inspiring for all those who are drawn to you.

Amanda Barnhart



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